Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bienvendio a Miami.....nope- Brazil....nope- Paraguay

Hello all-

I think maybe i should have posted something before this like an introduction or something about me packing or leaving but of course that didn´t happen so now here i am in Paraguay posting that i´m in any case, i got here on thursday morning after approximately 48 hours of traveling- i left the bay area at 11am on tuesday, was in miami, fl for one day and then got on a plane on wednesday night at 8pm, arrived at 5am in sao paolo, brazil, then waited for four hours, got on another flight for two hours and landed in Asuncion, Paraguay around 10am on thursday morning. Needless to say, i´m happy to be staying in one place for awhile....and i´m serious when i say awhile....two years is a long time, people! Not to worry- i plan to go other places while i´m here although not for at least a couple of months.

Unfortunately i only have a few minutes now, but i found an internet cafe close to my house, so i intend to write again soon, and post pictures, as i realize that´s the fun part of reading these so-called blogs.

I miss you all and lots of things in the states, but so far so good on the Peace Corps front!