Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is the patio at my host families house- yes, we have corn growing in our patio, along with chickens and ducks, a tire swing and we used to have a hammock but one day I came home and that was gone....not sure what happened there? This is a photo of the muni I force myself to go to everyday where the employees sit around and drink mate and try their best to do as little work as possible. A photo of the street I live on- this is without all the motorcycles that are usually whizzing by. And finally, the best part about being here, my "family." Soledad (on the left), her mom, Elvia, and Sole's two kids, Nori and Sofi as you may remember from the last photo.

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  1. OK... suck it up sport - let us know what's happening in the guay!